Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wine tasting in Walker Bay

Wine, how I love it
I mean, I named my blog after the effect that red wine has on you!
(purple lips from the red wine, perfect smiles all around)
MrB and I love wine. We especially enjoy tasting wine.
During our recent trip to the Cape we knew we wanted to go wine tasting. We debated returning to Stellenbosch to try some newer wineries. Instead, we chose to spend the night with friends just outside Hermanus and sample the Walker Bay wines.
Hermanus Wine Route here we come!
Not as well known as the Stellenbosch wine route, this was a lot less commercial and less crowded over a long weekend. Perfect!
The route is just stunning with a blend of coastal and mountainous scenery along the "Hemel-en-Aarde Valley (Heaven and Earth Valley).
Our first stop was the wine village just before Hermanus. Here we could sample a wine we had tried before but we don't often see - Hermanuspietersfontein. The wines each have an Afrikaans name -something unique in the South African wine industry.
We tasted most of their collection and definitely preferred the red wines.
We did walk away with two reds and a blanc de noir.
As we wound our way through the valley I was reminded of how much I love the winelands in autumn. All the leaves in their shades of red and gold - my favourite.
I reminded MrB that I still wanted to take photos in the vineyards (this was my original wedding idea).
So husband stopped the car.
Jumped out
Ran into the vineyards
Set up his camera
And took a photo of us smooching amongst the vines
Our next stop was Atarazia - another vineyard that we had heard a lot about but never seem to find their wines. We had tried the white wine once but we were eager to try the red.
The tasting room is inside this old farm church, on top of a hill. Just spectacular.
The tasting room has been decorated in bright vibrant art and is welcoming yet pretty.
We tried their wines and wow, so good!
We did walk away with a box (as you can see MrB holding in the photo above)
We stopped for a seafood lunch at the New Harbour in Hermanus.
Isn't it just the perfect day to drink wine in the morning and enjoy a seafood lunch by the sea?

The next day we drove out to Raka and tried their wines. On our way we did stop at a little cheese place to stock up on (a year's supply of) cheese.
The Raka wines were really great. We battled to decided which ones to buy and walked away with a bit more than a box. In total, we managed to buy 16 bottles!

There are about 12 wineries that we didn't try. Reason to go back!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

just you, me and the open road

I love a good road trip.
The open road
Music turned up loud
Out of tune voices singing along
Comfortable silences
Interesting debates
Changing scenery
Road side food
Car games
and creative photos!
We're about to embark on two road trips, 11 hours each - to the same part of South Africa! Oh, within two weeks of each other...crazy hey?
Road trip one:
18 - 21 April 2014
Four adults + a dog
Johannesburg to Grahamstown (Eastern Cape)
MrB, me, my brother and his wife along with Max will head to my parents for the Easter long weekend. We're planning a lot of night driving due to work schedules and expected high volume traffic.
This will be puppy Max's first road trip. Let's hope he enjoys it!

Road trip two:
30 April - 4 May 2014
Two adults + a dog
Johannesburg to St Francis (Eastern Cape)
MrB, me, and Max will be meeting up with MrB's sister, her husband and their Schnauzer (same breed as Max), Baxter for a long weekend at the coast.
Max will be meeting my grandparents for the first time too.
Since this is our first long trip with Max we're planning on stopping more than usual and making those stops along the road - not at service (gas) stations.
I want to pack some road trip snacks so we don't stop unnecessarily for food.
I'm looking for healthy, carb-free options (MrB doesn't eat raw fruit and veg!!).
On my list so far:
Cheese Sticks
Biltong pieces (kinda like jerky for the USA readers)
Boiled Eggs
Carrot/Cucumber/Celery Sticks + Hummus (for those of us who do eat veggies)
Apples (sorry MrB)
Any thoughts or suggestions on road trip snacks?
My little project for this weekend is to create road trip/sing along playlists.
Some of our favourites:
Long December - Counting Crows
Joy to the World (Jeremiah was a Bullfrog) - The Hit Crew
Beautiful in Beaufort Wes - Theuns Jordaan
Loser - Beck
Good - Better than Ezra
You give love a bad name - Bon Jovi
Please share your favourite road trip sing-along songs!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

When I grow up........I want to be.....

Did you play that game as a child? When I grow up I want to be.....?
A nurse
A policeman
A model

No one ever says they want to be a job that a "normal boring office job"

We're undergoing a few changes at our office. MY position is being re-looked at and possibly being merged with another one. I'm not keen on the merged position so they've hired someone else. Of course they will find something for me internally but I will lose the manager part of my title. Long story and I'm ok with it.

This means I'm looking at other options. Good to see what's out there.
Except, for me, not much.

If I could change careers and keep my salary, I would want to be.....

An interior decorator

A food photographer

A content manager

A professional blogger (hell, why not!)

A teacher or lecturer

A marketing co-ordinator

A social media manager

A project manager

A food reviewer

Any of the above

And you?

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

{You are my sunshine}

The lovely Flirty gave me this little award. Isn't she just the sweetest? This lovely lady started out as a blogger and has turned into a real world friend. She's intelligent, funny and truly her own person. You should all meet her!

Rules of the Sunshine Award: 1) Display the award on your ever deserving blog
2) Say "thank you" to the wonderful person to have nominated you
3) Give us 10 interesting things about yourself
4) Nominate some of your favorite blogs
5) Link to those blogs in your post and let them know that you've nominated them!

I now have to share 10 things about me......

  1. For the years 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 & 2000 I had a an accident in February. It started with me coming off my bike in 1994 and ended with broken leg in 2000. Each time I injured my legs - knees, shins of the tibia.
  2. In 2004 I developed an allergy to oranges. Since then I have added pineapples, kiwis and gooseberries to the list. I could eat all of these before. Strange I know.
  3. On the subject of allergies, during my twenties I developed an allergy to all jewellery on certain parts of my skin. I struggle to wear earrings for longer than a few hours, I cannot wear necklaces below a certain point and occasionally a bracelet will irritate me. This is for plastic, wood, silver, gold - doesn't matter.
  4. As a career choice I dreamed of owning my own company - either being a successful business women or having my own deli. Every other day I dream of being a housewife/soccer mom.
  5. I have a fear of buying clothes. I love clothes and would love to have a big closet with fun items. But as a child I was told to only buy plain items that are practical and that can be worn for a few seasons. Great advice I know. But now I won't buy anything unless it ticks these boxes.
  6. I am tone deaf and cannot hold a note. But I love to sing
  7. I hate repeating myself
  8. I hate repeating myself. Just kidding. At school my nickname was "Santa Clauds" not sure why.
  9. One of my little fears is speaking on the phone. I avoid making phone calls as much as possible
  10. I love anchovies
The blog nominations....
I read a lot of blogs and so many are favourites, but this time I am nominating:

Megan at The Sun House
Caley Jade at Ellie Love
Martina at SnapShots & What-nots
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Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy birthday MrB!

One of my favourite days of the year is 31 March.

The day MrB celebrates his birthday and I get to do amazing things to spoil him and make him feel extra loved.

In the past I've arranged trips to Cape Town, dinners with friends, surprise parties where friends from all over the country come over for the weekend, a cruise to the Bahamas and so much more. But I still think the best birthday ever was the first one together. We had met two weeks earlier and we went out with friends to celebrate. The present I gave him that year? A toothbrush. It meant he could stay over.

This year I have a lovely present for him (that he chose - nor surprises) and dinner with friends. Nothing big, just love.
Birthday trip to the Cape (is he grabbing a fat roll there?)

MrB - Happy Birthday!
I love you. You are my favourite person and my best friend. I have so much to say to you today that I should say every day. I am so proud of you, so happy to be your wife and love every moment we are together. May your birthday be memorable and may you know how much you mean to me.

MrB and Kyle (the tall one) were born 2 days apart - they often celebrate together!
Dinner on the cruise ship in the Bahamas, 2008
Friends travelled from far for his birthday in 2009

PS - It seems March is a great month for blogger partner's to have their birthday. Happy Bday to Mr ForeverNewlyWedded and MrCowJumpedOverTheMoon

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