Wednesday, October 1, 2014

#Blogtober14: Day 1. If you won the lottery you'd

This does depend on how much I win.

Less than R100?
I'd probably just buy myself a coffee and chocolate

Less than R1000?
I'd add it to my credit card debt

Less than R10 000?
I'd buy some fancy bubbly
I'd add it to our savings for our December break
I'd put R1000 on my credit card

Less than R100 000?
I'd buy some fancy bubbly
I'll pay off my credit card and MrB's
I'd give some to my parents
I'd put some towards our house/cars
I'll book a little getaway for us

Less than R1 000 0000?
I'd quit my job and do something I really enjoy
I'd give my parents most of the money to sort out their financial issues
I'd pay off our credit cards, house and cars so we can be debt free
I'd book a holiday to Spain and Italy

Less than R10 000 000?
I'd buy a house by the sea
I'd buy a MacBook
I'd quit my job and do something I really enjoy
I'd give my parents most of the money to sort out their financial issues
I'd pay off our credit cards, house and cars so we can be debt free
I'd book a holiday to Spain and Italy
I'll host a blogger party for ya'll ok?

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dear Future Me

In 2013 I sent a letter to myself using FutureMe

Last week I received the letter.

Today I am sharing it with you.

Dear FutureMe,
This past week you found out you're pregnant.
You've started taking photos to record the process. You have "peed" on 4 sticks and all the lines indicate that you have a baby inside you.
Right now you are so full of emotions that you can barely function. You want to do the right thing so have stopped drinking alcohol (except for a few sips to hide it from the family), you're cutting down on coffee, you're on a healthy diet and you're taking vitamins.
But you're freaked out as can be
You haven't got the blood tests yet. A grown up hasn't told you that this is happening.
You can barely process what this means so you're holding back on telling anyone.
Will we find the money?
Is the house big enough?
Will we cope?
What about work?
Too many concerns and questions.

When you read this one day you'll laugh at the concerns because what happens happens right?
Remember how sweet Richy was. How protective he felt.
You couldn't do anything without the man going out of his way to make sure that everything was ok.
He spoiled you with a Pandora leather bracelet and a Teddy Bear charm. Love this man for this!! He squeezed lemons, made you dinner, fetches things and helped pack lunches. Without being asked!!

Right now you're thinking of ways to break this to the families. Hope it went well!
I hope that when you read this letter you're tired but happy. In love with the new bundle and with your husband.
I hope the family took it well
I hope everything worked out ok
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

From my very first post to now

I recently rediscovered my first post. I had a little laugh at my younger self.

Here it is again with a few comments:

My favourite country is Spain. Still true
My favourite city is London. Not convinced, I did love Paris!
I'll drink any red wine, any where, every time. Not always. I do love bubbles
There’s not enough money in the world to get me to go back to the Canary Islands. still true
I like Japanese food and could eat sushi for breakfast, but my favourite favourite is Italian I'm a little over sushi. But I do still love my Italian
I speak English and Afrikaans. Yip
I like to pretend I know Dutch and German but I do know swear words in Spanish, Polish and German I've stopped speaking other languages and have lost the ability to fake it
I wish I had enough money to fly more each year always true
I like taking photos and I like sharing those photos – deal with is bit bossy hey? Yip yip, check out IG!!
I miss shopping in the markets in London. stiull true
My perfect holiday is an exploring trip – I like to learn as I go. True
I once bought a beautiful piece of furniture that serves no purpose other than to look pretty. Yeah, and it broke and now sits in our garage
I wish I could master the art of packing. I did!! I think I packed like a pro for Paris. Now to master weekend packing
I’d like to go into space if someone paid for the trip. Possibly, But I think there are other places I would prefer first
I don’t like driving over bridges. Still true
If I haven’t been anywhere in three months, I get antsy and bored so I go somewhere for a weekend but wish it was for a week.True until our accident this year. Now I don't mind being settled for a bit
I get annoyed by people who brag about where they have travelled. Share by all means, but don’t boast and look down on those of us who haven’t been there. All in our own time. The person who did this left my life. I'm doo now
I read maps for fun and I like to know where I’m going. hahaha! yip
Disney World is awesome and everyone should go there at least once. But be prepared to act like a 5 year old true!
I love eating foreign food and trying new or local dishes. true
I wish I had a better ear for languages. yeah but don't need it as much now that I travel less
I don’t have a strong desire to go to China, India and Vietnam. Nope, would love to go to Vietnam now
I wish I could go to the Maldives, Italy and Bali still true. But Italy first, Maldives later
I love looking at my old travel photos. true
My favourite place is the African bush. kinda feeling the beach more right now
I’ll easily spend a lot for an expensive meal but sleep on the floor if it will save me money. Not so sure I'd sleep on a floor anymore....

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Monday, September 15, 2014

New season means a spring in my step!

A lovely reader recently asked me "How are you doing?" and another reader asked for a little me update.

It made me think about how I am doing. With everything that's going, how am I doing?

I realised that I am good. And that means there is nothing to write about! Isn't it funny how we're happy to unload about the stuff that gets us down, but we don't get into the good days. Instead, we're happy to post photos about how lovely things are.

We're strange creatures aren't we?

So back to me.

I'm good.

Let's jump straight into the baby part. August was stressful for MrB, I was sick so we realised that it wasn't going to happen. And it was ok.
We had a great talk recently about where we are. MrB opened up and told me that a part of him think we won't ever have children. I did joke and say that maybe we should decide not to have children and use all our money to travel the world. But we both realised that we're ok with either option. It's as if that desperate need has left us. We're kinda ok with whatever happens. We're going to keep on trying, but we're no longer tracking ovulation and pee'ing on sticks to see if there is an LH surge.
This has been a huge thing for MrB and I only realised it after we had a good chat. He seems lighter, less stressed. The pressure is gone. WE are in a happy space. And that's a good place to be. In the end, it's about us and we need to be good as a couple regardless.

Financially it's not going so well. A little overspending has caught up to us. But it's ok, we're bonding over low cost dinners and appreciating freebies and events paid for months ago.

Work? Let's not go there. It pays the bills.

If you've been following my "get healthy get fit" journey then here is another update.
Following the July measurement this is where I stand now:

July figures:
Weight: XXkgs LESS 3kgs!!!
Chest: 97cm
Belly: 94cm
Bicep: 29cm
Hips: 114cm
Waist: 112cm
Thigh: 59cm
Bum: 117cm

And the August figures:
Weight: Still 3kgs - no change
Chest: 97cm
Belly: 93cm
Bicep: 28cm
Hips: 108cm
Waist: 104cm
Thigh: 57cm
Bum 116cm

I can feel the weightloss in my clothing. It's awesome! I did go to the store to try on some new clothes and my size hasn't changed. Bleh!

Exercise? Loving it. I'm doing the Kayla workouts because I have a focus and a challenge for gym. But I'm not following very strictly. I'm running and loving it. I've actually decided to ease off on the gym a bit and to focus on the running. I have the Soweto Marathon (10km) coming up in November and I want to get in shape for that.

If you do feel like seeing all my fitness posts, then follow along on IG - goclaudz

Maybe it's the change of season, maybe it's all the exercise, maybe it's just a lightness in the air - but I feel good, I'm happy. I'm in a good space.

Now, I just need to get myself more committed to Tables and Thyme and to build that little blog!
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