Wednesday, October 22, 2014

#blogtoger14: Day 22. Your Pet Peeves

My pet peeves are -
  • Not closing the toilet lid at all - I hate an open toilet!
  • Pretending to be my friend when you're talking about me behind my back (yip, even at this age)
  • Being early or being very very late (I can handle a few minutes, I'm talking 45+) without letting me know
  • Empty loo rolls
  • Dumping dishes in the sink and not stacking them nicely ready to be washed
  • Leaving food on dishes - clean your plate!
  • Drinks in the fridge with just a few drops inside - put a new one in or finish the drink!
What are your pet peeves?
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

#blogtoger14: Day 21. Dream Vacation

It's a terribly hot day so right now I just want to go here:

I love a vacation where I am exploring or doing something. As much as I love to relax and kick back, I can't do it for very long. I loved out honeymoon which was a week of sand, seafood, cocktails and blue skies but I couldn't do that all the time. My best holiday would be a good combination of the two - a day spent exploring where we stop to have a drink and observe the world.
In a perfect world I would live by the beach and vacation in the city. 
A few other things on my list -


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Monday, October 20, 2014

#blogtoger14: Day 20. Your biggest fear

My biggest fear?

There are so many.

Losing MrB and trying to pick up the pieces of my life afterwards.

Losing my parents before I get to tell them all the things I want to.

Dying in a horrible plane crash

Lying in hospital for months on end as I slowly fade away.

This is a tough one and not something I want to think about.
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

#blogtoger14: Day 19. What makes you happy

What makes me happy?

It's a long list, but here's the highlight reel.

  • MrB
  • Our pets - Thomas and Max
  • laughing with friends
  • being with family
  • eating a good meal
  • being outdoors
  • chocolate
  • a beautiful sunset
  • the ocean
  • hearing good news from a friend

What makes you happy?
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Saturday, October 18, 2014

#blogtoger14: Day 18. Share A Secret About You

I have a few secrets but from certain people only. NowI need to find one that I don't mind sharing....with everyone.....

I think it should be a good secret. Something that is an actual secret and not something you could have guessed.

When it's just me (and MrB) I shower with the bathroom door open.
After I undressed in the room (and packed my PJ's away) I will run butt naked to the bathroom. I then shower with the door open.

I do this at home and when we're staying somewhere else i.e. hotels/lodges. Only if there is another person around will I close the door. And cover up with a towel.

When friends stay over, my little habit becomes a problem. If I'm sleepy I forget.....AWKWARD!

What's your secret?
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