Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Braai, The Beloved Country

MrB saw me drooling over the Coconut & Coriander Chicken from The Creative Pot and he asked what was going on. He's been so supportive during other food adventures, he immediately realised something was up. I explained that it's all part of the "Braai, the beloved country" event hosted by Cook Sister. He decided that we should enter. Of course, I agreed!

We knew it had to be something braai orientated, South African flavoured and original. We both love to braai (ok, this is sort of like a bbq but we have our own unique South African way of doing it!) and we take turns standing behind the coals. We went through our favourites -
the family's famous chicken wings = no, too plain and boring
mustard rub for fillet = been there, done that
Brocoli salad = urgh, let's do it on the fire baby, not in the kitchen

We thought about a social braai. What's the usual procedure? We drink our drinks, talk a bit, eat some crisps and then braai. Why not make a cool braai pre-meal snack? Something a little classier that sucking chicken wings.....? Ok ok, the thoughts started flowing...and we came up with ........ TA DAH!

Boerewors and Pap Bites

1 pack of boerewors (uniquely South African pure meat sausage)
1 cup mielie meal (kind of like polenta or grits)
water & salt for the mielie meal
Tomato Chutney (either homemade or shop bought. We love the Woolworths one)

Get the man to light the fire or start up the gas. Braai the boerewors as desired.
Cook the mielie meal as instructed. Make sure it's nice and stiff so that you can roll it into the balls.

Allow the mielie pap to cool down and roll into bite size balls. To reheat the balls, brush with melted butter and pop in a low oven until warm.
Once the boerewors is cooked, allow to cool slightly then cut into bite size pieces.
On a small sosatie stick, place one pap ball followed by a wors piece. Drizzle some tomato chutney.

Serve with beer or wine to happy friends!

Celebrating our heritage in the USA - no excuse not to braai!!
Look at MrB's steak! The American's sure love bigger portions and we didn't complain!

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Krystal said...

i don't know what it is or most of what your'e talking about...but it looks delicious!!

Jeanne said...

Oh I love it! Traditional braai food in canapé format - kind of like a post-modern take on the braai ;-) Thanks so much for taking part - the roundup is now live on my blog!

Marisa said...

Love this! Such a superb idea - what could be more South African than pap & wors?

PS: Thanks for the mention. :-)

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