Monday, August 18, 2014

25 Things You Don't Know About Me

I feel like sharing.....and as I shared a few memories from my past with friends this week, I thought I would steal Meg's post and share "25 Things You Don't Know About Me"

So, let me tell you a few things about me that I don't think you knew.......

  1. As part of a drinking game, I once had a Rhino Beetle walk on my tongue.
  2. When I was 16, my friends and I decided to get our belly buttons pierced. We did this while visiting the National Arts Festival in a dodgy looking arty caravan.....And then we went to a Springbok Nude Girls concert.
  3. I learnt to drive when I was 13 but had to wait until I was 18 to get my driver's license (obviously because that's the legal age in SA).
  4. When I was 14 I tie-dyed t-shirts and painted pixies on them to sell to my friends to make extra money
  5. I am allergic to oranges, pineapples and kiwis. These allergies developed in my twenties. I used to eat whole pineapples until the allergy developed in 2009.
  6. Heights freak me out. I tried to go up the Eiffel Tower but went crazy after the first stage.
  7. MrB is 6 years younger than me. This means that when we hang out with most of our friends I am the oldest in the group and he is the youngest. It works for us.
  8. My family is Afrikaans. Everyone - parents, grandparents, cousins etc. My brother and I both married English people and we now only speak English to each other. My Afrikaans is getting worse.
  9. Once, while visiting in Knysna, we picked up a stray dog and almost took him home. Until we realised he had a collar and probably belonged to a lovely family. So we took him back to the restaurant where the owner was waiting!
  10. I enjoyed sport at school and played netball (because I was tall and there were too many awesome hockey players for me to make a team) as well as athletics. I used to run the 100m and 200m sprints and I was pretty good at long jump and high jump
  11. I have a birth mark on my right leg that is situated halfway between my mom's and my dad's.
  12. On my left arm I have two scars where a friend burnt me with his lighter.
  13. When I lived in the UK I only had 20 pounds to live off for two weeks. My flip flops broke. So I bought a magazine with free flip flops. I wore those for just over 1 year, with pride!
  14. Years ago I had to bake chocolate cake. For some reason I just couldn't get it right. Three cakes later I ended up cutting out squares of chocolate cake and iced it as mini cakes.
  15. I had two sort of serious boyfriends before I met MrB. If my life had been different and I married either one of these two boys, my initials would have been CB anyway. I was destined to be CB.
  16. I was named after my mom's mom. Her maiden name started with a B and until she married my grandpa, her initials was CB.
  17. When I lived in the UK, I lived in a small town and didn't know anyone. I music concert was taking place in a town nearby. So I bought a train ticket and went to watch the show. All by myself.
  18. One of my favourite scarves is almost 10 years old. It was left behind at the hotel where I worked and was part of guest lost property for 1 year. The head housekeeper was cleaning out the unclaimed products and handed me the scarf because it "suited my colouring".
  19. While promoting alcohol at the KKNK in Oudtshoorn we didn't have milk so we added the alcopop "Hooch" to our cereal. It was the grapefruit flavour and we figured it's a breakfast beverage
  20. On my first trip to Spain my dad chose a brown leather jacket for me. I still have it but I think I've worn it once.
  21. Don't come to me for a shoulder to cry on. I don't do empathy very well. If you want practical advise or straightforward answers then I am your girl.
  22. Two weeks before my matric dance I accidentally dyed my hair black. The only way we could get it back to a more natural, prettier colour was to cut it short. But the hairdresser didn't factor in the curl in my hair. I had really really short hair for a long time.
  23. I love lavender. When I see some, I must touch it and smell it. I will even break off a piece and keep it in my pocket. But I hate artificial lavender.
  24. My first car was stolen outside my flat in Cape Town. On the day I had a big exam. After the exam stitches had to be removed from my hand. That night a bomb went off in a club in Cape Town and I was standing outside when it happened, about 200m away.
  25. I once went partying with friends in Spain. I was the only girl. The last bar we went to turned out to be a strip club. That was my first strip club experience.
So tell me something that I don't know about you! Or join in with your own 25 things!
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CharlieW said...

Love this post! Great read xx said...

I have so many questions!! Like did you go to GHT arts fest in 98, because that's when I watched Sprinkbok nude girls and one large banana at the Union. I am terrified of heights and feel perhaps it a bit strange for being so tall and heights freaking me out. Really loved this post and was awesome getting to know you better!

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Loved these random facts and just the inspiration I needed for a post today :)
You were pretty wild my friend - and what a harrowing day/night at the end on your exam day! x

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