Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I woke up and ran

As part of my get fit, get healthy mission for 2014, I have decided to run more.
One great motivator has been the weekly ParkRuns. I have only run about 4 of them, but it's been great tracking my time and progress.
I can feel my body changing too! My legs feel stronger and I am definitely fitter. I am out of breathe after a run, but I recover quickly!
Keri from MidlandsMusings has been a great inspiration for me. I'm following her fitness account on Instagram and I've since created my own account too.
Cals from Ellie Love has been working out like a fierce mamma too. Whenever I think, "nah, not gonna do it" I remember that she JUST HAD A BABY! So what's my excuse?
My lovely friend Laura is a little addicted to the endorphins and I have loved having her on my journey. She has motivated me, given me tips and shared some great knowledge bits with me.
Thanks to Laura I have learnt about Heart Rate Monitor watches, apps like RunKeeper, not starting too fast etc etc.
This Saturday I ran the Totalsports Ladies Race. It's a 5km and I knew I could run and get a good time. My SIL ran the 10km and I had serious FOMO!
I finished in a great time - a new PB!
My SIL ran the 10km in 1 hour 8 minutes. Impressive stuff!
It was a great race - well organised, a good route and plenty of support along the way.
I did take a miss step and hurt my ankle a lit. But I decided not to be a baby and to keep going. I'm glad I did! The ankle wasn't that bad!

I did have warnings of a runny tummy. I decided to keep going anyway. And I'm glad I did.
Turns out MrB was down at home with a stomach bug!
I was really happy with my time. But I was a little sad I wasn't doing more. Either a better distance or a better time. MrB and I have entered a 10km in November. I want to push myself a bit more!
The tummy bug hit me the afternoon but I managed to avoid getting hit hard. MrB was down though and had the worse of it. Poor thing!
He still said he would join the 5km Zoo Trot on Sunday morning.
We set our alarms, ready and eager to go!
Poor guy was up half the night with the tummy bug.

My brother and SIL joined us for the Zoo Trot. MrB came along, optimistic he would feel better soon, and keen to see the zoo.
We arrived as the race started so stripped, handed our stuff to MrB and ran.
I stopped halfway to get a photo of the lions!

I finished my 5km and slowed down to walk around and find MrB.
I decided that I may as well run a little bit more. I was secretly hoping to run 8km at least. That way I would equal my best run in 2013.
I was happy with my 5km time despite the stop for the lions! 

I clicked start on my tracker and ran some more.
The next thing I knew I had finished the second loop.
I did it!! I ran 10km! (well, 9.2km if you want to be precise based on the App).
But I broke the psychological barrier!
YAY! 10km done!

The tummy bug hadn't quite disappeared but it didn't hold me back!
Maybe my running and sweating it out saved me?
Maybe my system is just a little bit stronger?
We walked around the zoo for a bit and when I got home I did some gardening before having a good yoga inspired stretch. We went for lunch with the family and only then did I get couch time.
How did I feel on Monday?
I felt like I hadn't slept. Like I normally do after a good party weekend.
But I wasn't stiff. My muscles were ready for me to run more.
I didn't though. I knew I needed a break!

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Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Wowee!!! I am so proud of you Claudz - that is great work!! I've entered a 5km for the end of the month and possibly a 10km at the end of Sept but I am super nervous for the 10km... It's far!!
Keep going x

P.S. Thank for the kind words about me too!

Gaelyn Cokayne said...

Love this post so much! Well done Claudz, keep it up. You will be smashing a 21km before you know it xx

Martina @ snapshotsandwhatnots said...

Great job! running is hard work but boy do you feel great afterwards - I love the idea of running around the zoo!

Martina @ snapshotsandwhatnots said...

Great job! running is hard work but boy do you feel great afterwards - I love the idea of running around the zoo!

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