Thursday, August 14, 2014

Oh to be TaLL

I'm tall.
I've always been tall.
Look at the photo of me and my bridesmaids - I'm wearing flats! The one on the right is wearing extra heals. I'm also bending me knees so we can all fit into the photo.
MrB is tall.
We have tall friends.
See how short I look next to MrB and our friend Kyle?
I'm wearing flats but I'm not bending my knees!

I love being tall.
Let me tell you all about being tall
I have long legs. In summer it's great!Long legs always look great in heels too!
I get loads of compliments on my long legs!
In a crowd, I stand on my tiptoes and I spot MrB. We look over most people so it's super easy to find each other in a crowd.
Speaking of crowds, at concerts I can always see the show. I never have to look around people or stare at the back of someone's head. Tall people have the best views.
Apparently people think it's awesome to be tall. They tell you that! I've been stopped in shops and complemented on how tall I am. A bit strange, I know!
Standing at the back of photos. For every group shot, we automatically move to the back. We know we won't be in the front. We're the tall kids remember? It does mean we don't have to worry about our clothes looking strange in photos.
Tall people give good hugs. You get folded into them. I don't give good hugs, I just love getting hugs from my tall friends.
I don't trip over my maxi dress - it hangs a little off the ground
 You always get to sit in the front of the car. My friends feel bad making me sit in the back
Little men are intimidated by tall women
What's not so cool?
All my pants sit around my ankles. Long legs mean pants look too short. The old "high tide" look. Everything sits around my ankles. This does mean I never have to shorten pants. I sometimes buy men's jeans for the extra leg length.
Long legs mean airplane seats are a pain. We don't do so well on flights. That's why we have a drink when we fly.
Sitting at a desk. No crossing your legs under a desk. Careful you don't hit the wall. Sitting at a desk as a tall person is painful
My dresses end up being shirts. Thankfully leggings have been in fashion but the times will change!
Boys can't pick up tall girls. MrB can pick me up, but it looks awkward. No sitting on shoulders for me. And no pick me up and swing me around.
Sometimes mirrors hang low and I have to bend down to see my face in them. In our house, friends can't see themselves in our mirrors - oops!
I don't fit in the bath.
Heels? What are those? I hardly ever buy heels because I feel like a giant around other people. Luckily MrB is tall so I can get away with it once in a while.
Hey Tall One, please get that thing for me.
Sure, I don't mind doing stuff for you ALL THE TIME!
Hitting your head on low light fixtures. happens often people!
Do you like your height?

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5 comments: said...

we are so meant to be friends! i am a tall gal too - and I totally relate to this post! Thank goodness for leggings - shorties are so lucky they get to wear dresses, mine always look like a mini! :)

Tasha said...

Aww you should be happy that you're tall, I think being tall is a good thing and much better than being short xx I've just started a blog of my own and I f you're interested you are very welcome to visit. Followers are desperately needed!!!

Johlet said...

I love being taller and wearing heels so that I can look right over the short &^%*# :)

CharlieW said...

Just checked out the pic of you guys dancing... your legs are hot, girl! :) I could do with just a little extra height.

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

I love your height - and love the way you choose to embrace it too! Iam of medium height - not tall or short and I am pretty happy being average height - not too many pros or cons... Just right! x

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