Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I've been told to stress less. Apparently I need to relax a bit more because all the stress in my life is causing havoc.
I'm not going to go into details but just know that the doctor said - STOP STRESSING.
Really? In today's world?
Earthquakes, world war looming, disease outbreaks?
Rising inflation, petrol price increases, pressure to do it all?
Run more, work harder, don't say no to friends.
It all adds up.
Husband's studies, dog eat my new potted plants, cat needs food again.
No money, another car on the monthly debit order list, parents not doing well.
I bet your list is longer, similar, shorter, worse, better...doesn't matter. I bet you're also stressed.
It's life.
How do I stress less? How do I keep myself as chilled out as possible? (without becoming some herb smoking weirdo who doesn't seem to care about anything)
According to friends, family and a few self-help articles - this is the list:
  1. Take time-out daily. Practice yoga, listen to music, meditate. Step back and clear your head
  2. Eat well. Make sure you eat balanced, healthy meals and have energy-boosting snacks. Avoid junk food, too much sugar and processed foods.
  3. Limit alcohol and caffeine.
  4. Get enough sleep - 8 hours per day is recommended.
  5. Exercise daily. Even if it's a 10minute walk, get some exercise every single day.
  6. Breathe. Take deep, slow breathes. Inhale all the way and exhale slowly.
  7. Laugh. Find ways to laugh every day. Read silly jokes on the internet, watch a comedy, spend time with someone who makes you laugh
  8. Stop procrastinating. Get things done and move one. Try not to leave everything to the last minute.
  9. Don't be late. Running late adds stress to a situation. Plan so that you are on time. That said, it's ok to be late for certain things. Accept you will be late and don't get stressed about it.
  10. Limit your multi-tasking. Don't try to do everything at the same time. Some multi-tasking is ok (a few lunges while you brush your teeth) but at other times, focus on the task at hand (no texting while driving)
  11. Avoid people who stress you out. If you cannot avoid them, take time to breathe deeply.
  12. Take mini breaks during the day. It's not good to work for 8 straight hours. Aim for 5 minutes for every hour. Go outside, phone a friend (the one who makes you laugh), find something that is a break from your work.
  13. Be grateful. Find the things that you are grateful for and focus on this. If you focus on what you are grateful for, you won't focus on the negatives in your life.
  14. Clear out! De-clutter your life. Tidy up your workspace, organise your kitchen - take the mess out of your life.
  15. Do something you love. Love to take photos? snap a few with your camera phone. Enjoy gardening? Spend a few minutes a day with your plants.
  16. Dance it out. Turn up the music, sing out loud and shake your booty. Dance out all those things that stress you!
  17. Treat yourself to a massage or similar treatment.
  18. Spend time in nature. Take a moment to listen to the birds, take in the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature. Walk along the beach, go for a hike or have a picnic in the park.
  19. Lavender - sniff a little of the purple herb during your day. Lavender is known for it's tension relieving properties.
  20. Create. Make something - draw, paint, bake. You can even download an App that let's you draw. You don't need fancy things to do this. You don't have to bake a cake for an occasion. You can spend time in your kitchen and if it doesn't work out, so what? it's about doing something creative. 
What are your tips for coping with stress? Do you think any of these are good?  

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Tara said...

I stopped watching the news. I found the endless parade of bad news and horrible events just left a fog of sadness over me that lasted for days and days.

I also try to consciously let go of things that aren't going to matter in a week/motnh/year's time. I actually have to think/say the words "Will this matter in X amount of tiem? It doesn't matter. Let it go."

Flirty 30 said...

These are very good suggestions - as a fellow chronic stressor, I have also had to try alleviate stress as much as possible.

Procrastination and de-cluttering worked really well for me.
Spending time in nature resets the clock a bit.

Laughing is great - especially when accompanied by sangria (ignore rule 3 about limiting alcohol and caffeine, that will create more stress!hahahaha!)

Avoid people (and friends) who drain you.

And lastly, a proper massage helps to release toxins and really does help the stress levels. I suggest Serenity Spa in Sunninghill - Thai ladies who know their stuff!

Hope it all works out Claudz, it is impossible not to stress, but I hope you can reduce the levels at least.

Candeeece said...

How funny we were having a chat about this just this morning.

I read an article a while ago how one should break your day up into parts (there were hours attached to them... and i think they were 4 hours each.. i could be wrong.) So in the morning is YOUR 4 hours.. that's time before work... and you should do something for you... and then you get to work - and it's 4 hours, then lunch and another 4 hours. And then you leave work - and you have another 4 hours for you to live. For you to do something with your evening, take a class, exercise, learn something visit with people. and then you sleep for 8.
I've just tried to google this - and i can't find anything... So i could be making this up.

But whatever... It made sense to me.

Too often i get home from working in the evenings and just do nothing. slof around.

Anyway... I just wanted to comment... because i get waht you're saying. I'm having a little crisis of life and work at the moment myself.

Good luck.

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